About Us


AIRTEROA has been inspired by the Maori name for New Zealand 'Aotearoa', translated as 'Land of the Long White Cloud'.

This uncrowded, green and peaceful country is filled with sublime forests, mountains, lakes and beaches.  

It is from this backdrop that the purest and most pristine air is diligently collected by our team, in order to provide the freshest air for those living in areas which are contaminated by pollution.

This invigorating natural product is carefully bottled and sealed as AIRTEROA.

The jars of air are labelled, stating the origin of the precious contents and providing authenticity of this unique product. 

The air collected for the canisters is from the pure unpolluted mountains in the Southern Alps.

…. Breath of fresh New Zealand air.

 Currently, the air in AIRTEROA jars is collected from four different locations within New Zealand.

Pristine mountain air - Mt Cook South Island

The Mt Cook National Park consists of rugged and icy terrain including Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain. It has abundant scenic beauty filled with alpine mountains and valleys and the area is renowned for its beautiful hiking and climbing trails. The scenery has been carved out of millions of years of glacial movement and the AIRTEROA collected here is full of pure soothing freshness.

Sea breeze - Ninety Mile Beach North Island 

The miles of never-ending beaches that form the Ninety Mile Beach on the west coast of the top of the North Island, are enhanced with spectacular sunsets and inspiring surf.
As well as the abundant highway of sand, there are magnificent dunes and forests aligning the beach, and the AIRTEROA from this region is collected from the lively breezes off the sea.


Country fresh - Matakana North Island

This North Island destination is a beautiful country village surrounded by unique boutique vineyards, and fresh rural countryside.
There are also wonderful farmers markets and beaches, but this AIRTEROA is collected from the natural rustic green paddocks in the area.                                          


Crisp Middle Earth - Queenstown South Island

Queenstown in the South Island, is surrounded by towering mountains, ancient beech forests and glacial fed rivers. The dramatic scenery forms the stage for many exquisite outdoor adventures.
The ice capped mountains provide the crisp fresh air which is collected and bottled as AIRTEROA from this outstanding region.