Health Benefits



When you breathe in clean air, it affects every cell in your whole body.
There are 3 main elements for the body to thrive: good nutrition, clean water and clean air.


Pregnancy is a very precious time for mothers. It is a time when a new life requires access to the best of everything, and when a mother should not risk the health of the growing child by breathing air high in contaminants or noxious chemicals. Breathing our AIRTEROA will give a sense of well-being and comfort to an expectant mother so that she is able to relax in the knowledge that she is breathing some of the purest air possible.

Air pollution has been proven to have a damaging effect from the time a baby is in the womb and throughout life to older age, playing a role in many chronic conditions such as asthma ... and neurological changes linked to dementia.  

Our Young ones

Our children are a most precious gift and need to be free of toxic chemicals as they are growing and developing. Sadly, this is often not possible in large and over-crowded cities throughout the world. A few breaths of our invigorating AIRTEROA, will allow our children to have access to some of the very best air: .... A breath of fresh New Zealand air.

Our Elderly

As we age our lungs become less efficient and are vulnerable to airborne pollution.  This pollution causes stress to the lungs, induces coughing and can exacerbate conditions such as emphysema or silicosis.  Breathing a premium product such as AIRTEROA could increase the lungs’ capacity to absorb life-giving oxygen, thereby reducing coughing and discomfort brought on by high levels of particulates in the atmosphere.


Wherever you may be travelling, whether it be standing at the bus stop by a busy road, or by train or simply walking the pavements, breathing in particles and chemicals can cause significant harm, increase discomfort and make coughs and colds feel worse.  A few breaths of AIRTEROA will allow you to share in the fresh, clean air which is derived from a country famous for its ‘100% pure’ reputation.

Our product is not intended to prevent, cure or treat any disease or disorder.
It is essentially 'A breath of fresh New Zealand air' which is designed for enhancement and recreational use only.